A downloadable Sharky for Windows

This is just a demo for a game I'm working on.


A,D: Movement

W: Jump

S: Crouch

K: Attack

J,L: Switch Weapon

1,2,3,4,5,6: Select Weapon

Space: Reset


Bite: Press K to attack. If you bite a wall, you'll grab on to it. If you're stuck to a wall you can jump to reach new heights or move in the opposite direction/crouch to let go of the wall.

Bubble Gun: Press K to shoot a bubble to damage enemies.

Surfing Board: When you have it equipped, all enemies that run into you will turn around.

Cactus Cane: While on the air, press K to boost downwards, damaging and bouncing off of enemies beneath you.

Yo-Yo: Press K to launch your yo-yo, which will go through walls, stunning enemies and bring items towards you. Press K while the yo-yo is extended to bring it back immediately, leaving the items behind.

Protection Shoes: While you have them equipped, you'll be able to walk on spikes without being damaged.

Birthday Card: Hold K while in the air to glide through the sky.

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Published62 days ago
AuthorSnipper Joey
Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-bit, Colorful, GameMaker, jumping
Player countSingleplayer


Sharky.exe (3 MB)


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sounds simple for a first time game as posted in forums! yes it's a cool idea I think and you should maybe add in some sea creatures if you are a shark!! like Jellyfish and maybe even collect small fish for energy boosts and larger ones for larger energy boosts! yeah, and some special blowfish might actually make you move faster while others make you move slower, much more of a challenge... just an idea. I been designing games since 2008

I'll add more underwater enemies. As I said, this is a super early beta. But I don't think I'll add power ups, I'd rather focus on the weapons and Sharky's abilities.


this is the best game.

But you said that about Half-Line Miami too.