A downloadable Sharky for Windows

This is just a demo for a game I'm working on.


A,D: Movement

W: Jump

S: Crouch

K: Attack

J,L: Switch Weapon

1,2,3,4,5,6: Select Weapon

While underwater press K to boost, damaging enemies in your path. Boost upwards towards the surface to jump out of the water.

Space: Reset

Escape: Exit Game


Bite: Press K to attack. If you bite a wall, you'll grab on to it. If you're stuck to a wall you can jump to reach new heights or move in the opposite direction/crouch to let go of the wall.

Bubble Gun: Press K to shoot a bubble to damage enemies.

Surfing Board: When you have it equipped, all enemies that run into you will turn around.

Cactus Cane: While on the air, press K to boost downwards, damaging and bouncing off of enemies beneath you.

Yo-Yo: Press K to launch your yo-yo, which will go through walls, stunning enemies and bring items towards you. Press K while the yo-yo is extended to bring it back immediately, leaving the items behind.

Protection Shoes: While you have them equipped, you'll be able to walk on spikes without being damaged.

Birthday Card: Hold K while in the air to glide through the sky.

Bash: Press K to dash forwards, which allows you to go faster, make longer jumps and take no damage from enemies.

BOT: Press K to summon and take control of a Box Operated Telekinetically, which can walk and pick up items. Pressing K, being hit by an enemy or falling in water will destroy the BOT.

Thanks to:

Garballax for music and sound effects.

Cloaked Games for level design.

Drasnus, Raichupacabra and Phantom Banana for advice and wisdom.


Sharky.exe 4 MB


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I really liked it! Biting walls to climb them is a really cool idea.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.


I love this game!!! It's so cute and fun! <3

Great, Thanks! Glad you liked it! Was it because the name was similar to yours?

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I like how the shark bites into walls.

I'd put the explanation how to get out of the water in the game.

What is that following the shark?

I found it way too easy, no challenge. For the 1st level I guess it's okay.


I'm working on that right now, but the tutorial isn't finished.

I haven't added a story yet, but it's actually Sharky's grandma, who is dead and thus a ghost.

Well, you never want your starting level to be too complicated.





Played the game until the sign with red color with End written on it.

Still have a lot of works to do.

For the starter level, it is better to have a tutorial level, to understand the control and the game mechanism, especially when climbing using the shark teeth (btw, nice use of shark teeth for climbing ;))

Also some sound and music would be nice especially to boost the mood.

Resizable screen will be also nice especially for player with lower screen resolution. It is easy to enable it in Game Maker Studio.

About the Sharky's design, it looks like a whale instead of shark. Maybe if you sharp the top head a bit and add more white color above its mouth to the near top of its head, it will do :).

About the distribution, I personally prefer Standalone instead of Installer. It's a bit hassle to move folders if I want to test between Standalone and Installed games, especially if I want to play/test many games.

Also, good luck for the update in the future C:.


Thanks. I'm actually working on a tutorial. In the beginning you can see the villain of the game teaching you how to move and jump. But that's all I got so far, after that he shows you how to do all the other stuff.

There is music... ? I mean, I just tried it out and there are indeed music and sound effects. There's probably something wrong with your sound mixer?

I'll add that soon.

The blowhole on it's head is there so it can breathe on land, while the gills are there for underwater breathing. It's all very complex, trust me (totally didn't just come up with that).

How do you do that with Game Maker Studio?

Thanks for the reply.

About music & sound effect, there were really no sound heard (Just retried again to confirm it). In the mixer volume of the Sharky game, there is no sound output either. What kind of audio did you use? Since I recall about the legacy audio and the main audio system.

My sound mixer is also fine since when playing other GMS games, sounds were heard.

About how to make a game release without installing:

  • Go to "Create Application"
  • on "Save as type:", click "Windows NSIS Installer (*.exe), then choice one of these:
    1. Single runtime executable (*.exe)
    2. Compressed application zip (*.zip) (recommended)
  • Though the second choice (*.zip) is better than first choice in my experience (less hassle on zipping and less problem on icon)

I just re-retried it and it does indeed have music and sound effects. I don't really know what the problem is. And some friends of mine just tried it out and they can also hear audio. I'll try to figure out what's going on.

Thanks, I'll try doing that.

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Not bad!

When I first started to play pressing the right arrow caused an error and I had to close the game. Thought I was stuck at the tall wall until re-reading the directions and that I had to bite the wall! Sharky also bites tiny walls which can get confusing if you accidentally press the button, but Id say just playing for longer would get you used to it. Over all, I enjoyed it!


Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to fix the right arrow thing.


Ok, I fixed it. Thanks for informing me about this! I hope you'll try out my game in the future.


sounds simple for a first time game as posted in forums! yes it's a cool idea I think and you should maybe add in some sea creatures if you are a shark!! like Jellyfish and maybe even collect small fish for energy boosts and larger ones for larger energy boosts! yeah, and some special blowfish might actually make you move faster while others make you move slower, much more of a challenge... just an idea. I been designing games since 2008

I'll add more underwater enemies. As I said, this is a super early beta. But I don't think I'll add power ups, I'd rather focus on the weapons and Sharky's abilities.


this is the best game.

But you said that about Half-Line Miami too.